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Bush, Float and Utility Aircraft For Sale

Float Plane

Editor's Note: When the "right time" in your life finally arrives to transition to a multi-functional or utility aircraft, where do you begin to look? Certainly Trade-a-Plane comes to mind, but it is filled with a mind boggling number of aircraft for sale. So....where do you begin?

We have compiled a short list of dealers and brokers across the US and Canada who seem to always have a decent "inventory" of utility and float aircraft for sale. It stands to reason that some of the Canadian aircraft brokers seem to always have their finger on the "pulse" of the utility and float aircraft market, and most of the time, have a lot of "inventory" changing hands. The reason some of the Canadian brokers normally have a decent inventory of utility aircraft...is that the utility aircraft serves as a "lifeline" to literally hundreds of small communities and villages throughout central and northern Canada and Alaska. That "dependence" on the small utility airplane to carry fishermen, hunters, judges, doctors, and Aunt Mabel to connection points and back home, is huge. The aging fleet of Beavers, Otters, Cessna 185's and 206's, and a short list of others...keep flying all year long to make living in a remote area...very tolerable...year round. Of course the US has an overwhelming number of aircraft for sale, and a few US dealers have made it their business to also thoroughly know the utility aircraft market, from turbines to J-3s. Educate yourself, talk with the brokers who more of less specialize in utility aircraft sales, join some of the organizations, (the EAA, the SPA, the Baja Bush Pilots, etc.) and let the search begin.

Float Plane Our list of brokers that frequently feature utility aircraft for sale is by no means complete. It will be updated, changed, massaged, and no doubt....will have some "omissions" and oversights. My hope is of course that you will help me keep the list "tuned" to help aviators search for the just right "multi-purpose" aircraft. I hope to rectify obvious omissions as time goes along. But for now, this list will introduce you to some of the brokers in North America who know the utility aircraft market very well, and probably can help in your search for the right flying machine for your needs.

West Wind Aviation
West Wind Aviation Ltd. is North America's Largest Aircraft Sales Firm, with over 140 aircraft listings. They offer a broad selection of quality pre-owned aircraft at affordable prices...from Ultralights to Corporate Jets. They invite you to examine their current inventory of aircraft for sale. The list changes daily, so visit them often.

Whether you are buying or selling (or both), your transaction will be smoother and more efficient when you rely on West-Wind Aviation for:
Aircraft Brokerage and Consulting
Certified Aircraft Appraisals
Import and Export Services
Pick-up and Delivery Services

Skywagons Are US
Skywagons Are US has long been recognized as one of the most authoritative stopping places for buyers of Cessna 180, 185 and 206 aircraft. Joe Stancil Jr. of Placerville, California became one of the earliest directors of the International 180/185 Club back in 1977. He remains the only director for the State of California. Lots of general information on the Cessna Utility line of aircraft, with a very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Stop here to see what's available, or get on their INVENTORY ALERT E-Mail list! You will be E-mailed their latest specs and pictures of inventory they have just acquired. (Usually 2-3 a week) Don't miss out on your dream plane! Be one of the first to see what comes in!!!!!

C & S Enterprises Ltd.
The company specializes in deHavilland Beavers, Otters, Twin Otters, high performance singles and float planes. With the majority of sales going to export, they take pride in offering clients from the USA and overseas, a turnkey service which entails: Export licensing, de-registration, insurance and delivery to the destination airport.

Wipaire, Inc has been building Wipline aircraft floats since 1974. Since then, they have expanded into many areas of aviation service, finding that their customers appreciate the consistent quality behind their name. In addition to their distinguished float products, the South St. Paul, Minnesota facility can provide maintenance, avionics, paint, interiors, and a variety of certified aircraft modifications. Today, Wipaire strives to be a full service aviation center, providing all your needs in one convenient stop, so you can stay afloat, aloft and on your way. They always have a stable of new and used aircraft for sale, many of which are on floats. Drop in for a visit.

Viking Air Inc.
Viking Air incorporated in 1970. Viking has established itself in the aviation community as a high quality modification, repair and manufacturing facility. It is this reputation that helped Viking, in 1983, obtain from deHavilland Aircraft Co. of Canada the exclusive spares manufacturing and distribution rights for the venerable DHC-2 Beaver and the DHC-3 Single Otter aircraft. As a result of this agreement Viking has been able to strengthen its position as a manufacturer of aeronautical products. In addition to manufacturing, Viking is the Shell dealer for the Victoria Airport. If you are a Beaver fan, then this mouth watering "mecca" is the place to stop and shop for a virtually new turbine or piston Beaver.


The GA8 Airvan is a "new kid" on the block...that just might be a new real workhorse. It fits between the Cessna 206 and the Cessna Caravan, and has its "roots" in the bush of Australia. A pretty impressive niche, if it works as advertised.

Greater Operator Profit
The high wing GA8 Airvan, which gained type certification in December 2000, was specifically designed to fill the gap between the Cessna 206 and the Cessna Caravan. The Airvan allows operators to increase their profit margins by carrying an extra 2 to 3 people without upgrading to the turbine powered Cessna Caravan. An operator could purchase approximately five Airvans for the price of one Caravan which translates to transporting forty people instead of ten.

All terrain, All conditions
Developed to handle the grueling conditions of the Australian landscape, the Airvan is ideal for operators in remote areas faced with rugged terrain and basic conditions. In particular, the Airvan is capable of operating on short bush airstrips illustrated by its ability to take off to clear a height of 50ft in only 457 metres at a gross weight of 1,814kg or 4,000lbs with a landing distance of 396 metres over the same height.

Short airstrip capability
The Airvan was designed to be a real workhorse and thatís just what it is proving to be. One has been operating on Fraser Island, off the Queensland Coast, since January 2001 and is transporting about 70 people a day off the beach. Itís doing about 100 hours of flying a month and has required very little maintenance. In addition, the Airvan has been designed to be maintained in the field and is inexpensive to operate when compared to its competitors it is little wonder this aircraft is so popular.

An Inexpensive People Mover
The GA8 has room for two more passengers than other similar aircraft and the passengers have great visibility through the large windows.

A Versatile and Reliable Freight carrier
The Airvan is a versatile and reliable freight carrier capable of carrying approximately one tonne payload.

The advertised specifications are impressive:
1800 pound useful load, excellent short field performance, 254 feet of cabin volume, walk-around cabin with center aisle, seating for up to eight, 3.3 foot by 3.3 foot square sliding cabin door, room for two litters in EMS configuration, and fully FAA certified.

Engine Lycoming I0-540-K1A5
Wing Area 19.3m2 [208 ft2]
Aspect Ratio 8:1
Cabin Floor Area 54 ft2
Cabin Internal Volume 180 ft3
Useable Fuel Capacity (Wings) 332 l (87.7 USG)
Empty Weight 997 kg (2200 lb)
Certified T.O.W. 1814 kg (4000 lb)
Stall Speed (1814 kg-0į Flap) 60KIAS
Stall Speed (1524 kg-38į Flap) 52 KIAS
Vne (never exceed speed) 185 KIAS
Normal Cruise 121 KIAS @ 56 l/hr (14.8 USG/hr)
Normal Range 730nm (6hr)
Economic Cruise 104 KIAS @ 37 l/hr (9.8 USG/hr)
Maximum Range 930nm (9hr)
T.O. Distance (1814kg, SL, ISA, 50ft) 550m (1800 ft)
Ldg. Distance (1814kg, SL, ISA, 50ft) 370m (1200 ft)
Rate of Climb 790 ft/min


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